Fist of Justice

When Samson returns to his home he turned away from years ago to visit and honor the death of his younger brother, he finds a spider from his past waiting for him. Can Samson face the demons from his past and save the family he was forced to turn away from years ago? What other revelations will he find being gone so long?

Written and Directed by
Max Rojas

David CID
Edie King Fasano
Gerardo Sanchez

Executive Producers
Max Rojas
Javier Gaona
Roy De Los Santos
Michael Cuellar

Lead Cast
Carlos Silva Samson Lerma
Efrain Valdez Detective Barroz
Emma Perez Trevino Mama Lerma
Fenicia Arredondo Esperanza
Jason Guckian Mephisto Jones
Magali De La Rosa Teresa
Marcia Vargas Detective Juarez
Raul Gonzalez Ravi
Rob Shears Pedro
Ruben Morin Mauricio
Sandra Garcia La Muda

Director of Photography
Gerardo “Bull” Sanchez

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