Una Vida Buena con Una Buena Vida!

For many we prepared for production of our first feature film. We competed in multiple short film competitions, in efforts to work out any and all kinks in our abilities. Once satisfied we had worked out all of our kinks and discomforts we began work on our Spanish Narrative feature.

We quickly learned that there are always more kinks to find and work through. The scope of concentration needed to encompass 90 minutes of story continuity amidst planning action sequences and fighting the elements of nature, was quite underestimated. We figured, with the amount of shorts we made and the fast paced workflow we practiced, making this feature film would of course be tiresome and tedious but we stunted by the sheer volume of stress induced days.

After completion of this film and looking back with a more objective and experienced perspective, and not that of a hyper stressed green director, I can’t help but feel a tremendous joy from reminiscing.  The stressed induced troubles are what united the cast and crew. We were forced to adapt quickly and evolve the story through production. No matter how many director’s commentary films or behind the scenes conversations we have heard, every problem felt like a new never before experienced problem. We felt like pioneers in the “problems in film making” business.

I find myself watching the film again with a very thankful smile to everyone that gave us their time and trust. It was a fight and a challenge to complete an entire 90 minute feature narrative with a total of five crew members. From that day forward they all will always have a special place as the first troupe of actors and crew for El Valle Films.

If you have a moment and time, feel free to check out Una Buena Vida on Amazon Prime, or rent it. Let us know what you think.

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Una Buena Vida - Trailer

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