Mein Beer ! ! Brownsville Beerfest

As our mission statement dictates we strive to include ourselves with positive and enriching community organizations and events. Brownsville Beerfest has been raising money for local charities as well as providing fantastic music festivals aimed at bringing the local community together in celebration. Sounds like our kind of people.

We have since developed a great relationship with them and wait expectantly every year for the next festival.

Whether you’re a lover of beer and wish to be exposed to unique local and international beers with their massive selection, or you just want to enjoy music with good food. This festival is a celebration for the entire family.

Brownsville BeerFest is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit organization, created in 2013 by a group of Brownsville residents that shared the same vision and committed to the promotion and goodwill of the Brownsville community and its neighboring cities throughout the Rio Grande Valley. Brownsville BeerFest’s primary goal is to raise funds and awareness for other non-profit groups in the area. Our main beneficiary, the Gladys Porter Zoo, opened to the public on September 3, 1971. For nearly 44 years, the Zoo has delighted millions of visitors and has been a habitat for wildlife from all corners of the globe and continues to be one of the pride jewels of Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley. Brownsville BeerFest is proud to support the Gladys Porter Zoo and its wildlife initiatives.

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Brownsville Beerfest - See You Next Year

Brownsville Beerfest Highlight video

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