Matar, Corer, Murir – El Matador

I can’t start talking about the making of this film without mentioning the conversation we had with our good friend Raul Gonzales. Very well known and respected Producer/Actor in the Spanish Language market we have found ourselves home in.

“I want to play a psychopath,” was something I remember clearly as we had a good chuckle and ramblings for possible storylines. That is quite possibly one of the best times and aspects of this career. Sitting with a group of peer you respect and brainstorming something fun, while at the same time something we are capable to film given our current limitations.

A psychopath huh? See we can work with that. If he had said he wanted to be a vietnam combat helicopter pilot, I’m pretty sure we would have had an even louder chuckle.

Suffice it to say we worked for a few weeks creating a storyline and let another of our great friends, and quite possibly one of the most talented writers I have met Jose Francisco del Angel, and let him have fun with dialogue. Jose has a way to reach into a character and find the perfect sentence for them to speak. I found much comfort in working with him.

It was a new method for us to work and once the simple issues of logistical problems and scheduling issues the script was completed and ready for production. This was going to be our first attempt at a thriller style film not to mention our first attempt to use practical blood effects. To say we were nervous is a complete understatement.

It wasn’t long before the Production became very difficult to manage and coordinate with the many moving parts. The addition of practical effects complicated the film production far beyond what we took account for. As the industry will teach you, there is always going to be something you can’t plan for. The question is can we adapt?

That we did. Thankfully to the wonderful cast and local industry friends that came on board when needed and stepped up to help get this film in the can. There is so much we learned from making this film, more so than the details we learned from the film before, that it is no doubt a statement that we continue to learn and grow with every project we complete.

A warmest and sincerest thank you to the entire cast, crew and supporters of this film. Please have a look at our feature length trailer and be on the lookout for it’s release.

El Matador Teaser

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