La Pulga! – con Veronique Medrano

Sometimes it’s nice to have friends working in similar circles and sometimes it’s just plain awesome. Veronique has been a good friend of ours and when she approached and asked, “You guys make movies, have you considered making a music video?”

Little did she know that yes in fact we do make music videos. We have made two. Although in all fairness no one really knew that as they didn’t quite get many views and got lost in the ocean of video streaming.

Long story short, our good friend forced us against our will… hehehe… to weather the hot sweaty weather of South Texas and bring you a fun and exciting new music video.

Veronique Medrano, for those of you still unaware, is a wonderfully talented singer recognized by the Tejano Music association as best new artist a couple years back. Since then she has been working full throttle on new music, new tours and new everything!!

Including a new video where we worked hard to make you smile, make you sing, but most important make you dance!

La Pulga Music Video

Veronique Medrano - La Pulga Music Video

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