Gonzalez y Trujillo Jr. – De La Misma Sangre

I remember the movies from my childhood. I remember 1987, I was ten years old and saw the movie “Perro Callejero” starring Valentine Trujillo. This film had already been 7 years old by this time, but my grandfather refused to watch films in english so I was introduced to spanish cinema.

I had never seen a movie like that. It struck a chord in me and from that moment I couldn’t look at films the same way again.

Fast forward that moment a few decades and I find myself working on a film with Valentin Trujillo Jr. Like his father he was captivating on film and as I stared into the viewfinder of the camera I couldn’t help but appreciate the surrealism of the moment.

Valentine proved to be a wonderful professional and passionate supporter of the project. Every day was energetic and he seemed to inspire everyone else into stepping up to another level.

It was fun I’ll tell you that much.

Making the movie was a great experience for our company. We’re thankful for everyone involved including but not limited to Don Raul Gonzalez and Miguel “El Fierro” for giving us the opportunity to be involved.

Through hard work and a grueling shooting schedule we managed to complete a fun and exciting new action film to be out in the Fall of 2017.

Oh and also Valentin can play some basketball.

Apparently the cast and our star decided it would be fun to watch me sweat and almost pass out on a full court game.

I’ll be ready for next time fellas.


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