Classical Beauty – with the Valley Symphony Orchestra

Working with organizations within the community is one of our favorite relationships to forge. Through working these events with positively charged community organizers revitalizes our mission statement to nurture and work hand in hand with other like minded individuals.

Victoria and Vivian both work diligently to bring something I never thought I would experience live in the Rio Grande Valley, the unique musical perfection that is Classical music.

As we strive to enrich the Rio Grande Valley with a surge of cinematic entertainment as a medium, they work just as hard to expose the many young, and often under privileged, and purge their life of their ignorance of classical music.

Whether you yourself enjoy Classical Music or not is not a factor in this. If you don’t obviously you have already been exposed. These children, and I would go so far as to say many adults as well, could use this exposure to give them a glimpse into a new world.  A world without the Bajo, without the heavy metal guitar, or the hard wrenching dance beats. A world with woodwinds and brass, big bassoons and booming drums. A world of the sweet clarinet and the vibrant violin.


A world where they can decide from themselves if THEY like classical music. From one small moment of exposure, the community can spark a fire inside the next classical composer. That, after all is the goal of any community organization purposed in enriching the lives of it’s neighbors. To ignite the passion in youth, to bring forth change.

So take a gander at these videos we have produced for them and have a peak into a world you may find yourself getting lost in. A world rich in culture, sound and classical beauty. See what I did there? Yep, I totally went there.

In a more serious attempt at a proper request, please visit their website here: and get to know them. If you can get involved, if you can’t at least share the word.

Valley Symphony Orchestra

Valley Symphony Orchestra - Hype Video

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