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We’re a small independent film studio in the lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

Chiquitos pero Picosos

“Filmmaking is incredible introspective. It forces you to sort of examine yourself in new ways.” – Drew Goddard

We partner with our producers to bring exciting stories and intrepid features utilizing local talent from the Rio Grande Valley. Our films are featured on Cinemexicano, a premiere Olypusat channel on cable television.


We partner with local companies to understand their individual needs and elevate the value of their brands and offer marketing and media services to help facilitate their growth. Since forming, we have remained at the forefront of the Rio Grande Valley film industry and use our experience to help our client companies grow.

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We partner with our clients to understand their individual needs and
elevate the value of their brands through thoughtfully designed experiences.

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We coordinate with our partners to understand the individual needs of every project and elevate the value of the Rio Grande Valley through thoughtfully designed entertainment.

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